Thermocouple Calibration Test Rig:

The Unit helps in calibrating given thermocouple for the range 0°C to 100°C. While calibrating, thermocouple is once dipped in ice for 0Q C and then in boiling water for 100°C. This is done till the thermocouple shows the actual temperature of ice (0° C) and boiling wafer (100°C) and a linear calibration is set. A mV meter is provided to know the corresponding voltage.


1.A digital mV Meter and a digital temperature indicator with 2 different type of thermocouples.
2.A water container with heater of 1 KW.
3.A technical manual accompanies the unit.

                                                                                                                       SERVICES REQUIRED:

                                                                                                                       1.Table surface area - 2 m X 1 m X 0.5 m height.
                                                                                                                       2.220V, 50hz. Stabilize Electric Power Supply.
                                                                                                                       3.Ice cubes - 0.5Kg. Approx.

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